Postcard for Jerusalem

Shalom Declaration

The Shalom Initiative - a Postcard for Jerusalem

Building on the success of the Shalom Declaration!

The Shalom Initiative is Jews and Christians standing together in support of Israel and in defence of the persecuted in the Middle East.

Have you enjoyed visiting the Holy City of Jerusalem?

Would you like to visit one day?

Do you pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?

Please do not take a free, safe Jerusalem for granted!

We have printed 4000 picture Postcards of Jerusalem.

Please email us at to send Postcards to the UK Foreign Secretary!

This campaign, launched in May,  is running throughout 2016

Across the Middle East there is turmoil, immense violence and persecution. Much of the region is totally unsafe to visit.

That is why we are imploring you to please take a small step to show support for Israel as the only stable democracy in the Middle East!

We want the UK Foreign Secretary to receive many hundreds of postcards depicting the glory of Jerusalem. On the back is a printed message urging him to forward to the Israeli authorities our deep appreciation that we can visit a free and secure city.

The UK Government should acknowledge that we are indebted to Israel that we can visit freely and safely this remarkable and holy city.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”

All you have to do is sign the postcard, affix a stamp and post it to the printed address.

If you would like to obtain postcards please contact us at

Over 180 Churches, ministries and prayer groups have signed the Shalom Declaration on behalf of thousands of Christians across the UK.

The Declaration pledges Christian support for Israel rooted in an appreciation of Hebrew scripture.

Together Jews, Christians and all people of goodwill - we will make a difference!

Dear Foreign Secretary

We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! We believe Jerusalem

should remain a city where people of all

faiths can come to pray.

Israel is the only democracy

in the Middle East which guarantees freedom of

worship for all its citizens and visitors alike, and

where the Christian community is growing.

In times

of shocking turmoil, persecution and genocide

across the Middle East we ask you to please relay to

the Israeli Government that we greatly appreciate

its efforts to ensure we can visit a secure and peaceful


For more information and to request cards please contact:

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