Shalom Declaration

The Shalom Declaration

The Shalom Declaration is a unique initiative building bridges between Jews and Christians.

Launched in Leeds, England in March 2015, the Shalom Declaration has been signed by over 180 Churches, ministries and prayer groups across the UK and by and on behalf of thousands of individual Christians. It has also been signed in Belgium, Spain, Republic of Ireland and Italy - and has been endorsed by Dr. Arto Hämäläinen the leader of the Pentecostal European Fellowship which has over 3 million members across Europe.

It is a Declaration by Christians who wish to make a public stand with their Jewish brothers and sisters in appreciation of Israel as the only democratic country in the Middle East. The only country in the region where the Christian community is growing.

According to former Israeli President Shimon Peres: Jewish-Christian relations "are closer today than at any time in history".  As Jews and Christians stand together in support of Israel and against extremism and persecution throughout the world, the Shalom Declaration enables Christian prayer groups, churches and ministries to participate in this exciting development.

Are you inspired by the Hebrew Bible?

Do you draw strength from the remarkable contribution of Israel and the Jewish people to the world?

Do you pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?

If yes, then please CONTACT us for information on how to sign the Shalom Declaration and be part of the growing global co-operation between Christian and Jewish people!

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