The Declaration

Shalom Declaration

The Shalom Declaration

Launched in March 2015, in Leeds, the Shalom Declaration is a public declaration by Christians across our nation which states as follows:

We hereby affirm as Christians that so much of our spiritual inspiration for our faith is derived from the Hebrew Bible.

We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

We deeply appreciate that Israel is the only country in the Middle East which extends freedom of worship to all its citizens and where the Christian community is growing.

We grieve and stand with families in Israel and the wider Middle East, who have lost loved ones and with all who are persecuted by the rise of violent extremism and intolerance in the region.

We pray that those inciting trouble and disharmony in the Middle East and who threaten the existence of Israel will be thwarted. We further pray that the peacemakers will see their patience and vision rewarded so that Isaiah’s prophecy of “swords beaten into pruning forks” and the declaration of Jesus that "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God", will soon become a reality.

We draw succour from the vibrancy of the State of Israel, from its democratic political system, its academic and cultural creativity, and its remarkable contribution to humanity in terms of science and technology.

And we call upon the spiritual leaders and elected representatives of our nation to work tirelessly to combat anti-Semitism and violent extremism across the world and to strengthen understanding and co-operation between the peoples of our nation and of Israel.

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